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Cecilia Poletto (born in Venice; 17th August 1962) is full Professor in the Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies at the University of Padua (part-time) and full Professor of Italian and French linguistics at the institute for Romance studies at the University of Frankfurt am Main (part-time). She is also an associate member at the Institute of cognitive sciences and technologies - ISTC - (Padua). Her research interests include formal morphosyntax of Romance varieties, in particular the Italian and French ones, also non-standardized. She was a founder member of the ASIT project (Atlante Sintattico d’Italia, Syntactic Atlas of Italy) and she directed for many years the line of research of the ISTC of the National Research Council (CNR) about the dialectal variation. Until now she has directed 5 research projects funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, German Research Foundation) and one European research project Marie Curie, she directed for six years an exchange project CNR/CNRS with the unit 7013 of the French CNRS of Paris VII. She was also a board member of various European projects: Scandiasyn about the syntax of Scandinavian dialects, Eurosyn (European dialect syntax). She is in the editorial committee of the following journals: JIL (Journal of Italian Linguistics), LIV (Linguistic Variation), Quaderni di Lavoro dell’Atlante Sintattico d´Italia (ASIt working papers), Historical Syntax. She is currently a member at the steering committee for the graduate school in linguistic, phonological and literary studies of the University of Padua, in charge of the Master in Linguistics and a member of the DFG steering committee “Nominal modification” of the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Selected publications:

  1. Caloi, I. Belletti, A. and C. Poletto (2018). Multilingual Competence Influences Answering Strategies in Italian–German Speakers. Frontiers in Psychology, 1-14. Article available at:
  2. Jacopo Garzonio, Cecilia Poletto (2018). Exploiting microvariation: How to make the best of your incomplete data. GLOSSA, vol. 3, p. 1-21.
  3. Poletto, Cecilia and Emanuela Sanfelici (2018). On relative complementizers and relative pronouns. In: Variation in C: Comparative approaches to the Complementizer Phrase, Edited by Jacopo Garzonio and Silvia Rossi, pp. 265–298. Linguistic Variation 18(2).
  4. Poletto, C. and A. Tomaselli (2018). Grammatische Konvergenz. Entwicklungspfade deutscher Sprachinseln im Nordosten Italiens. In: Deutsch als Minderheitensprache in Italien. Theorie und Empirie kontaktinduzierten Sprachwandels. Olms. 117-143.
  5. Poletto, C. (2014). Word Order in Old Italian. Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press.