2020_Null subjects in OId Italian

2020_Null subjects in OId Italian
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Poletto, Cecilia
10. Jun 2018

Introduction: In this work I intend to analyze the complex distribution of null subjects in Old Florentine of the XIII century, which, following the tradition of the “Grammatica dell´italiano antico” (Grammar of Old Italian), I will refer to as Old Italian (OI) from now on. The reason why I will limit my investigation to this period is that there are well founded reasons (see Franco et alii (2016)) to believe that after the turn of the XIV century the original V2 system is destabilized and data might be even more difficult to interpret than the already rather complex ones I will present here. I will therefore rather take one single system, the one of the XIII century and examine it in detail. The set of examples I will use comes from the online data base of the OVI (opera del vocabolario italiano) and from a new data base on Old Italian under construction at the university of Frankfurt as well as from manual screening of the data.

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